• 2022 calendar year credit cap of $100 million for the Qualified Education Expense (QEE) credit was met this week, on May 2, 2022. GADOR is not accepting any more preapproval forms for 2022.

  • Tax receipts for year 2022 will be ready before end of December 2022. You will be notified to download from your GeorgiaTAP Account

  • Georgia Tax Credit Cap for Calendar Year 2022 is $100,000,000.00

  • Maximum scholarship for a student for the academic year 2022 is 10957

  • If you are a registered donor, please make sure info@georgiatap.org and do-not-reply@georgiatap.org are in "safe list" of your email account so that important email alerts do not end up in junk/spam folder.

  • By registering a donor can receive alerts/notificatiions automatically for important events - "preapproval applied", "approval received", "donation received", "tax receipt ready".

  • Effective Jan 1, 2014 GADOR is no longer accepting preapproval forms via mail. Donors and SSOs must file prepproval forms electronically.


What is required of a school to participate in tax credit program?

Georgia TAP is pleased to welcome any schools wanting to participate in our scholarship program. To be considered, the school must be:

  1. A private school with grades Pre-K through the 12th grade and be accredited by one of the following crediting agencies OR in the process of being accredited:
    • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; or
    • Georgia Accrediting Commission; or
    • Georgia Association of Christian Schools; or
    • Association of Christian Schools International; or
    • Georgia Private School Accreditation Council; or
    • Accrediting Commission for Independent Study; or
    • Southern Association of Independent Schools.
  2. Private school in the state of Georgia that satisfies private school requirements by Georgia State Law
  3. Adheres to the provisions of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964

Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?

Only students who are Georgia residents enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school or who are eligible to enroll in pre-k4, kindergarten or first grade can receive Georgia TAP scholarship. Neither Tax credit program nor GeorigaTAP impose any criteria for awarding a schloarship. Scholarships are awarded based upon the criteria set up by the participating private schools. However GADOR set a maximum scholarship amount awarded to a student in given academic calendar. Currently the limit is $9,046.

How does the scholarship process work?

  1. Parents submit scholarship application to school.
  2. GeorgiaTAP notifies participating schools periodically as and when it receives the donations designated for the participating school.
  3. School recommends a student for a scholarship based on the funds available for that school.
  4. GeorgiaTAP issues a scholarship check payable to the school and the parent name.
  5. School notifies the parent about the scholarship being awarded.
  6. Parent visits the school and endorses the check payable to the school and signs on back of the check.