• 2022 calendar year credit cap of $100 million for the Qualified Education Expense (QEE) credit was met this week, on May 2, 2022. GADOR is not accepting any more preapproval forms for 2022.

  • Tax receipts for year 2022 will be ready before end of December 2022. You will be notified to download from your GeorgiaTAP Account

  • Georgia Tax Credit Cap for Calendar Year 2022 is $100,000,000.00

  • Maximum scholarship for a student for the academic year 2022 is 10957

  • If you are a registered donor, please make sure info@georgiatap.org and do-not-reply@georgiatap.org are in "safe list" of your email account so that important email alerts do not end up in junk/spam folder.

  • By registering a donor can receive alerts/notificatiions automatically for important events - "preapproval applied", "approval received", "donation received", "tax receipt ready".

  • Effective Jan 1, 2014 GADOR is no longer accepting preapproval forms via mail. Donors and SSOs must file prepproval forms electronically.

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