• 2022 calendar year credit cap of $100 million for the Qualified Education Expense (QEE) credit was met this week, on May 2, 2022. GADOR is not accepting any more preapproval forms for 2022.

  • Tax receipts for year 2022 will be ready before end of December 2022. You will be notified to download from your GeorgiaTAP Account

  • Georgia Tax Credit Cap for Calendar Year 2022 is $100,000,000.00

  • Maximum scholarship for a student for the academic year 2022 is 10957

  • If you are a registered donor, please make sure info@georgiatap.org and do-not-reply@georgiatap.org are in "safe list" of your email account so that important email alerts do not end up in junk/spam folder.

  • By registering a donor can receive alerts/notificatiions automatically for important events - "preapproval applied", "approval received", "donation received", "tax receipt ready".

  • Effective Jan 1, 2014 GADOR is no longer accepting preapproval forms via mail. Donors and SSOs must file prepproval forms electronically.

How to apply preapproval online

Effective Jan 1st, 2014 GADOR is no longer accepting preapproval forms via email. Donor or SSOs (on behalf of donor) must efile preapproval. If donor chooses to efile directly with GADOR, please follow the instructions below. These instructions are too detailed but are intuitive and hence are very easy to follow.

First you have to register with GADOR (one time only)

Donors will need to have the following information ready to sign up

  1. Donors will need their AGI (Federal Adjusted Gross Income from last year or the year before)
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Zip Code

Here is the video tutorial that shows how to sign up at GADOR website

  1. Click on "Sign up" (bottom right on page www.gataxinfo.org)
  2. Click on tab "SET UP ONLINE ACCESS" (top of page)
  3. Click on "Step 1: click to provide your account information"
  4. Enter your SSN twice. If your SSN is not recognized, you must contact GADOR 877 423 6711.
  5. Enter AIG (item 37 on form 1040) from taxes you filed last year or the year before(if you haven't already filed last year taxes)
  6. Enter AIG (item 37 on form 1040) from taxes you filed last year.
  7. Click "Ok"
  8. Enter Name, Email, Confirm Email, Contact Phone and Alternate Phone details
  9. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the registration.
  10. You will be sent an email with an "Authorization code" to the email address you provided during registration process.

Second fill the QEE form online at GADOR website (Repeat these every year you are contributing)

  1. Login to http://www.gataxinfo.org, with the userid, pwd you created at the regisration time and Authorization Code that has been sent to you.
  2. Once you login you would see a link in the middle of the page "***-**-XXXX" where XXXX is last 4 digits of your SSN.
  3. Click on "***-**-XXXX"
  4. You would see "Submit QEE Credit Form" on left navigation bar just above the "Customer Service" section.
  5. Click on "Submit QEE Credit Form" and it will prompt you for the same information you enter on paper preapproval form.

Name of scholarship organization : The Georgia Tuition Aid Providers, Inc.

Taxpayer I.D.# of scholarship organization: 46-0912033

Once you submitted the form, it is NOT approved instantaneously. It usually takes 2 weeks for it to be approved. You will NOT receive any email regarding the approval. You would still receive is the approval letter in snail mail. You can periodically check by loggining to http://www.gataxinfo.org. If you are approved, you would see the approval letter in "Letters" tab