• Tax receipts for year 2017 are ready.You can download from your GeorgiaTAP Account

  • Georgia Tax Credit Cap for Calendar Year 2018 is $58,000,000.00

  • Maximum scholarship for a student for the academic year 2018 is $9817

  • If you are a registered donor, please make sure info@georgiatap.org and do-not-reply@georgiatap.org are in "safe list" of your email account so that important email alerts do not end up in junk/spam folder.

  • By registering a donor can receive alerts/notificatiions automatically for important events - "preapproval applied", "approval received", "donation received", "tax receipt ready".

  • Effective Jan 1, 2014 GADOR is no longer accepting preapproval forms via mail. Donors and SSOs must file prepproval forms electronically.

Forms & Links

We are no longer accepting pre-approval forms for 2018.

E-signable forms

Based on feedback from several of donors, we simplified and combined preapproval and donor designation form. You no longer have to fill two forms.
This form need to be filled online, and then signed using computer mouse. No mailing is required since system emails the filled form to GeorgiaTAP.

Please ensure donor last name(s) you enter, match with your most recent tax returns. If Last Name and SSN do not match as per GADOR records, GADOR will not accept your preapproval form. If your last name and SSN/ITIN do not match, we will be contacting you Monday (Jan 2nd, 2018) to resubmit the form with correct name(s) of donors.

You no longer receive a confirmation email. Once you submitted, you would see something like this on your browser ,
which means we received your esigned form.

Printable forms

These forms can be filled online and then printed, signed and mailed to GeorgiaTAP.

Do NOT mail preapproval form to GADOR. Effective Jan 1st, 2014 GADOR is no longer accepting them via mail. Donors who wishes to apply for preapproval directly with GADOR can follow these instructions.

Useful links

GADOE - Tax Credit Program